January 18, 2018

I remember the days before my daughter started school, when she would insist on spending every waking hour, and visit every toddler group we went to, in some kind of princess dress or costume. She is still partial to a dressing up session now, but it's not quite the same. I don't suppose it will be long though until her little brother will be dressing up too and we'll relive the phase again, this time with him.


Looking back now at photos of our daughter's preschool era, we are always surprised by how much she has grown, suddenly, when we were not looking. In the photo that her teacher took of her on the home visit, the week before she started school (in a Snow White costume) she looks so small and cherubic! I'm sure in the future we will look back at photos of her now and marvel at how much she has grown again, but it makes you realise how much each stage of life is to be treasured and the importance of recording it for years to come.


With this in mind, a lovely lady I know, approached me asking for a photo shoot of her kids who love dressing up. She was very mindful of the fact that this phase in their lives would not last forever, and she wanted to have a record of it before it was too late. I thought it was a great idea, so I readily agreed and turned up to their house one Saturday morning looking forward to spending an hour in fantasy land and imagination. Their array of costumes collected over the years is rather impressive, and the enthusiasm with which her children took part was amazing. They even had a friend come and join in with equal pzazz. We were all rather pleased with the results - I have put a few of the favourites here below. 


If your kids are also partial to dressing up, have a particular obsession or quirk that you would love to record, or you would simply like to record your special times with them, do get in touch - I would love to help you out:











Do you recognise all the costumes...?


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